PAVERDECK Lifetime Maintenance-Free Decks


Reclaim your vacation/time with your family – install a Paverdeck or Tiledeck, and avoid the annual maintenance of a wood deck.

The Last Deck You’ll Ever Build – Whether you are starting new or renovating your existing wood deck – we offer the best solution.

TILEDECK is a steel diaphragm installed directly over your existing or new wood structure, and is able to support standard porcelain tiles. This way, you can install a maintenance-free porcelain tile surface without altering the loading criteria or foundation of your deck.

PAVERDECK is a complete steel structure installed onto new foundations, and is able to support concrete/stone pavers or porcelain tile – with a 30-year warranty.

PAVERDECK rated one of the BEST products of 2018 DECK EXPO by Jordan Smith Builds

PAVERDECK galvanized steel panels were rated one of the best new products at DECKEXPO 2018 by Jordan Smith of The Build Show.  You can see the Youtube video here (we’re at 6:00 into the video).


Professional contractor Mike Holmes and his son, Mike Jr., tackle more father/son projects on the new season of Holmes and Holmes. Armed with Mike Sr.’s personal credo to “make it right,” the pair will buy and transform three rundown properties into dream homes.  We are Mike Holmes’ “go-to solution” for outdoor living spaces featuring decks – because he knows when it comes to doing things right, you cannot beat the lifetime elegance of a maintenance free Paverdeck.  Stay tuned.


Tamara Day showcases a passion for creative restoration, vibrant design and functional beauty as she brings old mansions in Kansas City back to life for families to enjoy for years to come.  When her project ran aground, our Dealer/Installer Strother Fabrication LLC steps in with our SPX foundation wall and TILEDECK solution.  Stay tuned.


Convert your existing wood deck to a Porcelain Tile on Steel Deck, while using your existing wood beams and footings.  The combination of our galvanized steel deck structure and standard 3/8-in outdoor porcelain tiles weighs less than a wood deck.  So you can remove your existing decking and wood joists, and install our galvanized deckpan onto existing wood beams.  Then install standard outdoor porcelain tile on top and finish with Alliance Tile Sand.  The cost of this option is competitive with applying composite decking on top!

  • Compatible with standard exterior grade porcelain tiles.
  • Tiles are available in different sizes and patterns and can be installed in various designs; this increases the aesthetic value of your home.
  • Weighs less than a wood deck. Tiledeck can be installed on existing wood beams without changing the footings.
  • Adhered onto Paverdeck steel deck system using dabs of polyurethane construction adhesive.
  • Finished with Gator Tile Poymeric Sand.
  • Suitable for grade, standard, and upper level decks. Maximum span 12-feet.
  • Affordable.


(1) HURRICANE RESPONSE.  Our thoughts go out to those families displaced by the recent disasters.  In the aftermath of the hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we are working with some entities to provide temporary and permanent housing based on our SPX Structure, which is able to withstand hurricane forces.  If you know someone interested in our help, please refer them to 800-725-5228 or

(2) FEATURE ARTICLE.  Paverdeck was recently featured in an article in DECKBUILDER MAGAZINE where Dan Watson of Superior Remodelling Solutions walks through a recent Paverdeck project.  He describes Paverdeck this way . . . “Because we do a lot of steel framing, we already had all the specialized tools needed to install the Paverdeck panels. We found installation to be incredibly fast, even with just a carpenter and a laborer, since the deckpans and trim pieces just screw together and to the support beams with galvanized self-tapping hex-head sheet-metal screws.”  In the end he produced an beautiful project as follows.

(3) PATENTS GRANTED.  We are proud to announce the issuance by the US and EUROPEAN Patent Office of a patent that covers the SPX unibody structural diaphragm.  Today’s marketplace is growing increasingly competitive with the introduction of new technologies, and we are here to leverage our intellectual property to give customers the assurances they are looking for when investing in their homes.  The patent for invention number 9725904 relates to our galvanized steel structure.  We have also received patents in Canada and Europe.   Those  interested in licensing opportunities please contact us.   You can view our press release at this link.


  • Code Approved
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lifetme Deck
  • 30 Year Structural Warranty

For consumers who want a maintenance-free lifetime deck solution, Paverdeck is a patented galvanized steel deck structure capable of supporting stone/con

crete pavers or other finishes at any level – from ground level patios, elevated decks, rooftop terraces, docks, and other structures.

Simple to install for DIY and contractors.  Available for both COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL platform applications.  Contact us to discuss your project ideas, if you don’t see your application listed.

You can purchase the Paverdeck galvanized steel structure from authorized dealers in your area, or direct from the manufacturer (if a dealer isn’t available in your area).  Getting a quote is simple, just email us your deck design, and we can provide you with a bill of materials quote delivered to your area.

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PAVERDECK is the only structure certified by Underwriters Laboratories, the most respected independent certification agency.

Evolutiondeck Inc. is pleased to announce that their SPX galvanized steel structural panels have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories to be compliant to the IBC and IRC building codes for use on residential and commercial projects in the United States, and National Building Code of Canada and Ontario Building Code.  The code compliance report is available online under Resources.  Paverdeck, based on the SPX technology, is the leading galvanised steel structure for decks and floors, and the only full diaphragm unibody structure on the market.

UL helps to advance the building products industry’s drive to achieve both safety and innovation with flexible, customized service options for reliable, cost-effective product testing and certification. Architects, regulatory authorities, manufacturers, insurers, building owners, and other partners in the building materials community rely on UL for the services and knowledge that they need to enhance public safety, meet regulatory demands, protect brand value and successfully access the global market.

Paverdeck is maintenance-free, fireproof, has a long lifespan, light weight, and superior strength  – which make it an ideal investment for residential decks, commercial patios, rooftop terraces, docks, storm water management, and other projects.  This certification helps homeowners, contractors, and the architectural communities realize the full value of the Paverdeck structural panel in their construction investments.  Click for Code Report

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Confidence, elegance, simplicity, comfort.

That is why customers choose the SPX structure.  A lifelong structure ensures you that whatever you invest in your outdoor living space will withstand the test of time.  History has shown us that steel and stone are lasting materials able to perform under the effects of the sun and weather.  It only makes sense to combine them in creating a lasting outdoor living space.  SPX is the only deck structure certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory for USA and Canada.

We have come to expect that deck structures have a limited lifespan of 10-15 years, and would shrink, crack, warp, and decay. Until EDECK, there was really no other option. The EDECK galvanized steel structure is similar to automotive uni-body design – our patented structure is the only integrated joist diaphragm system available that provides a complete structural surface.  Made from high strength galvanized steel, once assembled it is virtually impossible to fail. We do not rely on any organic coatings or chemicals to achieve its lifespan – the zinc galvanizing ensures decades of enjoyment and safety. This technology is available across North America at an affordable price that competes with traditional methods. Surface finish methods and materials are driven by your own tastes and budget.

When combined with stone, concrete or porcelain surface finishes; the system provides a long lasting outdoor living space – free from maintenance demands, and risks of fire, insects, and decay.

Unmatched Performance

Affordable. A PAVERDECK ™ structure is comparable to the cost of a cedar or composite deck. You can use surface options to fit any budget, and the lifespan of a PAVERDECK™ adds value to your home.

Easy to Install.  Simple installation for professionals and DIY handy people.

Freedom from maintenance. A maintenance-free PAVERDECK™ allows you to enjoy this time on other things.
Resistant to fire and insects. A PAVERDECK ™ is not susceptible to fire or rot – it will not allow the fire to burn or weaken the structure.

Heated terraces. With PAVERDECK ™ it is easy and economical to integrate electric or hydronic snowmelt or underfloor heating. Perfect for stairs, and heated sunrooms.

Unlimited design options. Design your space the way you want – A PAVERDECK ™ structure can be cut and shaped into any design and can be adapted to any finish with traditional or new materials – natural wood, stone / concrete pavers, porcelain or stone tile, poured concrete. The surface material is purely aesthetic, so you can mix and match materials in any pattern.

Strong. With automotive unibody engineering, our patented structure is made from high strength galvanized steel. Stronger than any other deck system, the system withstood a load of 560 psf without collapse. Good for commercial and residential applications.

Certified. The PAVERDECK™ system is the only deck system certified code compliant by Underwriters Laboraties. Supported by the only 30-year residential structural guarantee.

A North American sustainable solution. The PAVERDECK™ structure is manufactured in North America using certified materials with 95% recycled content.

A PAVERDECK™ lifespan costs less.

The galvanized steel deck is designed to last 60 years without maintenance. Concrete pavers can last well over 40 years and stone pavers can last even longer. Pavers last longer on a PAVERDECK™ because they see little wear, are lifted off the ground, and are not susceptible to moisture pickup from the ground.