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Tradewinds Docks


The Tradewinds galvanized steel dock system is an elegant dock solution, showing premium finishes and style.



The Tradewinds galvanized steel dock system will last indefinitely with our replaceable anode system, and the PVC surface finish pays for itself in maintenance savings. Traditional wood or aluminum dock systems will corrode, check, split, or crack and require endless hours of maintenance to achieve a limited life of 10 years.



The Tradewinds galvanized steel dock system applies automotive uni-body design technology which does not concentrate stress on any individual components like traditional aluminum, wood, or plastic docks. The uni-body design gives the dock its amazing strength and durability to handle weather and waves while providing unmatched stability. We engineered the system as a unibody based on our history and expertise in automotive engineering. A unibody is more effective against repeated dynamic loads as the stresses are dispersed throughout the body. Traditional strut designs as you see with wood or aluminum docks concentrate the loads and stresses into individual components which will eventually fail over time. The Evolutiondeck system is engineered to exceed commercial loading, and in fact can hold over five inches of concrete as a deck platform – so its use as a dock platform is perfect.



Tradewinds galvanized steel dock systems are designed and manufactured by Evolutiondeck Inc., a professional engineering firm. These docks are over-engineered to exceed commercial loading applications.



Tradewinds docks are a maintenance-free system. The galvanized steel unibody is designed to last over 50 years without any required maintenance – and will last indefinitely with replacing the anodes every 5-10 years. The PVC decking finishes are backed by a 20-year warranty and require simple occasional cleaning.



Tradewinds docks are cost competitive with traditional aluminum and cedar docks and come accessorized with premium components. With its unlimited lifetime, Tradewinds docks are your best investment in a dock system and can be had at any budget.



TRADEWINDS docks do not leach any chemicals into the water unlike traditional treated wood frames, don’t heat up like pastic docks, and are the only dock with a zero-carbon footprint during use. Our docks weigh as much as a traditional wood dock and won’t gain water weight over time.