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Mike Holmes Makes It Right With Paverdeck — See It On HGTV

Mike Holmes Makes It Right With Paverdeck — See It On HGTV

The new series for 2012 on HGTV called Holmes Makes It Right focuses on homeowners with a need to have things made right.

In the episode, “If the Shoe Fits”, when a high school teacher previously injured in a hit and run after his home is vandalized faces a long road to recovery, Mike rises to the challenge to make this horrible situation right and the long road a little easier. Mike threw his support behind the Paverdeck product for the show, which you can watch below on HGTV’s website:


See “Lawn and Order” Upper level deck with plastic decking installed with helical piles.

See “If the Shoe Fits” A patio level granite deck on floating concrete pads.


“Mike is a contractor with honour and integrity, who knows the importance of resourcefulness, craftsmanship and reliability. He advocates for innovative solutions beyond the minimum standards of the building codes”, says Joe Severini, Vice President of Evolutiondeck Inc. “Paverdeck was chosen because of its long life no-maintenance appeal, and it was a logical fit for Mike Holmes and the Makes it Right program”

Evolutiondeck Inc. is an engineering company based in Sault Ste Marie, and manufactures the Paverdeck system for custom and DIY installations.

For more information about the Paverdeck system, visit, or contact [email protected]. Paverdeck® is a registered trademark under license to Evolutiondeck Inc.


Now Available At Menards!

Paverdeck is now available special order through MENARDS.

Paverdeck is focused on establishing a robust distribution network throughout the United States, and partnering with a leader such as Menards further expands our product reach to customers. With Menards’ long-standing reputation for customer service, integrity, and responsiveness, we are confident they will provide the highest quality of service to our shared customers.

Feel free to contact us directly or a Menards Team Member for a quote for your project.  Materials are shipped direct to the store.

Why do our customers choose the Evolutiondeck structure?

Unlike industries such as computers, healthcare, and automotive, the construction industry has seen little fundamental change in the way we build structures.  While there have been advances in materials and finishes, the traditional stick-built wood framing method has not been significantly challenged until now. We have come to expect that deck structures have a limited lifespan of 10-15 years.

Until EDECK, there was really no other option. The EDECK galvanized steel structure is similar to automotive unibody design, our patented structure is the only integrated joist diaphragm system available that provides a complete structural surface. Made from high strength galvanized steel, once assembled it is virtually impossible to fail.

We do not rely on any organic coatings or chemicals to achieve its lifespan – the zinc galvanizing ensures decades of use.  Its extended lifetime and increased strength provide for decades of enjoyment and safety.

This technology is available across North America at an affordable price that competes with traditional methods. Surface finish methods and materials are driven by your own tastes and budget.