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In the United States, the PAVERDECK™ steel system is suitable for use as an exterior or interior platform for residential and commercial buildings, in compliance with AISI S100-12 – North American Specification For The Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, as referenced in the sections 2210 and 2211.5 of the International Building Code, and sections R301 of the International Residential Code.

In Canada, the PAVERDECK™ system is suitable for use as an exterior or interior platform for residential and commercial buildings, in compliance with CSA S136-07 as referenced in the building codes.

All PAVERDECK™ panel or plank components are made in Canada.  Fasteners are sourced in the United States but are manufactured in Taiwan.

Cut Edge Protection

Do you need to protect exposed or cut edges from corroding?  The answer is NO.  Our steel is galvanized coated with zinc which provides cathodic corrosion protection to the underlying steel as well as any exposed edges from manufacturing and field cuts.  This is the best type of corrosion protection, where the zinc coating will sacrificially corrode before the steel does.  You may see a rust appearance over the cut but you can be confident that the steel will not corrode.  This is in compliance with the industry specification AISI S200.   

Independent Validation

Engineering has been independently validated by Roger A. LaBoube, Ph.D., distinguished teaching professor, Department of Civil Engineering and director of the Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, as well as independent engineers in Ontario.

The deck platform was independently tested by Innovative Test Solutions with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 A2LA accreditation.

Sold Certified

The PAVERDECK™ panel system is supplied with a technical specification certified CODE COMPLIANT by Underwriters Laboratories for use in CANADA and the UNITED STATES.   In some U.S. jurisdictions, a local professional engineer may need to prepare design drawings for permit purposes.

Evolutiondeck Inc. can assist builders, engineers, architects, and designers with their specific design considerations.


Paverdeck materials are made from galvanized sheet steel manufactured in compliance with ASTM A653/A653M-98 Z275 (G90), with a minimum substrate thickess of 1.4mm (16 ga., 0.055in) and minimum yield strength of 345MPa (50ksi).

Structural Loading

The PAVERDECK™ panel system satisfies structural performance requirements for uniform load combinations up to 250 psf (12.3 kPa) at the specified spans. Higher load combinations are achieveable at shorter spans. Use your applicable building code to determine your uniform load combinations for structural and service loading. The PAVERDECK™ panel is able to support a hot tub, although extra column supports at 8-feet.

Example loading (at maximum span)

  • Dead load (D) = 1.6 kPa (33 psf)
  • Live load (L) = 4.8 kPa (100 psf)
  • Specified Snow/Rain load (S) = 4.0 kPa (83.5 psf)
  • Specified Wind load (W) = -2.0 kPa (-41 psf; 100mph)
  • Seismic load (E) = 1.2 kPa (25 psf, Sa = 0.66)

Maximum Clear Spans Between Beam Supports

Commercial (100psf) = 3.7 metres (144 inches, 12 feet)
Residential (40psf) = 4.2 metres (168 inches, 14 feet)
Maximum platform cantilever = 1.0 metre (39 inches)
Stair system maximum tread clear span = 1.2 metres (48 inches)
Stair system maximum cantilever = 305mm (12 inches)

Service Deflection at Maximum Clear Span
Service performance satisfies L/360 maximum deflection requirements:
(a) Residential live uniform load (40psf) = L/360
(b) Commercial live uniform load (100psf) = L/408
(c) Stair system 100psf live uniform loading = L/1220


PJT exterior platforms may be installed as a free-standing deck structure with or without frost footings, or attached to another structure in a similar manner as with wood structures.


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