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The Rationale of Deck Decisions.

Decks today are the focal point of most backyards, as the trend towards outdoor living continues. Deck designs focus on private family time and with entertaining in mind, and are becoming the single biggest investment in your home – make the wrong choice and a deck can become the most frustrating, time and cost consuming aspect of your life.

With traditional wood or aluminum decks, the surface finish is part of the structure. The decking must provide both the structural support for people walking on the deck, as well as the finished look – the decking surface simply wont last this long. Traditional decks require maintenance to achieve their lifespan, and their warranties are void if you don’t properly maintain your deck.

But note your home is not built this way – a house is built first as a structure, then finished to suit your aesthetic needs and tastes. We would not think of combining the finish with the structure, unless we wanted to be locked into a look for all time. When we remodel a home, we generally renew the look, not the structure – right?

A PAVERDECK™ is designed this way. PAVERDECK™ is the only deck with a complete galvanized steel structure to support all loads – including the surface. The steel panels are the complete structure and require absolutely no maintenance to survive a lifetime. The surface finish is not part of the structure and is chosen based on deck design and budget.

With a simple paver, the material costs of a PAVERDECK™ and a traditional cedar wood or composite deck are comparable. A PAVERDECK™ steel structure costs more than pressure treated structures but concrete pavers are very cost competitive – ranging from $2 per square foot. A concrete paver requires no maintenance to achieve its lifespan. Some people choose to seal the pavers to prevent stain penetration – which then makes it a low-maintenance deck finish, as sealing would need to reapplied every 3-5 years.

Our galvanized decking kits retail from $10 per square foot depending on current specials and layout complexity. From a materials cost perspective, a PAVERDECK™ generally costs the same as a traditional deck – as low as $12 per square foot. But over its lifetime, PAVERDECK™ is actually less expensive than a traditional deck.

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