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Payment Options

Call us for payment options: 1-800-725-5228.

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We are happy to provide you with a material quote for your project or help with your layout or bill of materials. We will verify your order with you prior to shipping.

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PAVERDECK™ system is suitable for use as an exterior or interior platform for residential and commercial buildings, in compliance with AISI S100-12 – North American Specification For The Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, as referenced in the sections 2210 and 2211.5 of the International Building Code, and sections R301 of the International Residential Code. Check with your local Building Officials whether a local engineering review is required.
OUR MATERIAL QUOTES WILL INCLUDE STANDARD SHIPPING in the US via FEDEX to the FEDEX DEPOT nearest to the location you enter as your shipping address (Alaska and states west of Colorado have extra shipping costs). This applies to areas where there are no dealers present.  You can make arrangements to pickup or store your order there, or choose HOME DELIVERY as an extra service (note: Home Delivery requires you to offload the shipment from the delivery truck).

Trade and volume discounts available. Contact us for details.

Now available throughout the United States and Canada

Purchases are guaranteed through PAYPAL. Delivery is made through FEDEX (US) and MANITOULIN (Canada). Check for a dealer in your area.