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Can I use Porcelain Tile outdoors?

  • Yes. Install porcelain tiles over top of an existing wood deck structure with our patented galvanized steel plank.
  • Porcelain tile is probably the best option where temperatures may drop to below zero.  
  • This is because they are made to be frost proof and are impervious to water penetration.
Galvanized steel deck pan

Advantages over other low maintenance decking?

  • The TILEDECK™ plank system is screwed on to your existing wood joists. It is designed to withstand the weather for over 20 years.
  • TILEDECK™ improves the life span of your existing wood structure. It fully covers the wood joist structure, protecting it from the weather.
  • You can purchase outdoor porcelain tile from big box stores in a variety of distinctive looks at affordable prices.
  • TILEDECK™ also supports stone or concrete pavers (assuming the footings are adequate).
  • The system is easy to install with no special tools required. Each piece is 48 inches long and weighs 6 lbs.
  • The panel spans over your existing joists, and can be adjusted on site for decks that are out of square or not perfectly aligned – more forgiving.

How is the porcelain tile applied to the deck?

  • Glue porcelain tiles to the steel deck-pan using beads of polyurethane adhesive. We recommend an exterior grade adhesive that cures flexible – such as PL Premium or Miracle Lumber Lock.
  • DO NOT fully butter the tile with glue or use mortar. Why not?
    • This increases the cost of installation.
    • Its harder to replace a tile should one break.
    • Any water that may penetrate through the grout or polymeric sand has no where to go, and may/will cause de-lamination.
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How are the joints filled?

  • Fill the joints with a modified grout, or we recommend a polymeric sand specially formulated for porcelain tile, such as Alliance Gator Tilesand.

What is the lifespan of a TILEDECK™?

  • Porcelain tiles normally last from 20-80 years, depending on the quality and hardness rating of the tile. This is mainly due to its higher density/hardness which protects it from the elements better than natural stone.
  • Unique to the TILEDECK plank, the wood structure underneath is more fully protected from the weather elements. Weather protected wood structures can last over 20 years.

How does TILEDECK™compare in cost with low maintenance decking?

  • TILEDECK is priced to compete (within 15%) with composite decking on an installed basis using a standard porcelain tile.
  • Tile installation costs should be lower than traditional tile setting, since there is less work.

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